🔥 K-Beauty tonde #톤드

July 05, 2023
🔥 K-Beauty tonde #톤드
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K-Beauty tonde #톤드

감춰진 나의 진짜 모습을 찾다
컨템포러리 코스메틱 브랜드 톤드는 unveil yourself(너 자신을 드러내라)라는 슬로건을 내세워 부기 안에 가려진 아름다운 자신의 모습을 찾아 자신있고 멋지게 살아가는 건강한 모습을 표현합니다

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Face&Body Firming All at Once
Super-easy Daily life with LC CREAM
Hypoallergenic-Hypoallergenic formula without heat, suitable for all skin types
Puffiness Relief-Instant puffiness relief effect with a formula containing 10 patented oriental medicinal ingredients.
Firming-Firming&anti-aging care with the dual function of winkle &brightening
Contouring-Face and Body slimming effects proven by clinical tests.
Tone-up-Clear and lively skin with Sea daffodil extract&10complex oriental medicinal ingredients

Super Easy Moisturizing Aesthetics While Sleeping
This night mask makes skin fully moisturized, healthy, and radiant as if you slept soundly through the night with TONDE's patented puffiness relief formula and 7-fold hyaluronic acid while sleeping at night, the golden time for skin regeneration. This super-easy daily night care lets you sleep without having to wait after applying it all over the face, so it is highly recommended for people who hate complicated skincare routines.
Puffiness Relief-10 Complex oriental medicinal ingredient care
Perfect Hydration-7-fold hyaluronic acid guaratees moiturizing for inner skin, and plant-derived squalene kepps moiture for a long time
Firming-Vulumizig and firming with Volufiline a proven ingredient from sederma, France
Radiance-The same amount as 75 shet mask guantees natural glowing effect without oiliness
Revitalzing-Revitalize your skin with 8 kinds of natural vitamins.

For professional, Dual Massage Cream that can use for handling massage & beauty device care. Paraben free, artificial scent free.
Aromatherapy Lavender, rosemary Developed with puffiness care clinic
Perfect Moisturizing-7-fold hyaluronic acid Soothing Skin-allantoin
Oriental medicinal ingredients help the circulation of the skin. Maximalize to RF massage care Skin irritation DOWN, Moisture&Soothing UP


1 8809722151210 tonde LC CREAM 200ml, 100ml 톤드 엘씨크림 200ml, 100ml
2 8809722154693 tonde Hyal7 Overnight V Mask 150ml
톤드 히알세븐오버나이트브이마스크 150ml
3 8809722155102 tonde Relax RF Dual Massage CREAM 1000ml
톤드 릴렉스알에프듀얼마사지크림 1000ml



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