Do Korean girls really do Jamsu?

October 09, 2017
Do Korean girls really do Jamsu?
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Do Korean girls really do Jamsu?

I got so many questions about Jamsu Technique during our Live Q&A, DM, and comments. There were so many questions about this exotic method, I feel like I must write a blog entry about it. I am sure everybody is wondering how Jamsu technique works and how Korean women are doing it.

A picture from Opative, they introduced this new K-beauty hack. Original article here

What is Jamsu Technique?

It literally means submerging in Korean. The method is simple. You pat generous amount of powder on your face after you apply your primer, foundation, and concealer. Then you plunge your face under water (usually prepared in a bowl) for 30 seconds or so. After that, you pat dry and finish the rest of your makeup.
The Origin of Jamsu Technique

It originally came from Japan! There is an article from Kakao introducing this new Japanese method to Korean girls in 2016 July saying this is the hottest Japanese makeup trend.

Japanese clips, not Korean. Full Korean article here

Korean Beauty TV Show called “Get It Beauty” introduced the technique in 2016 August. This is definitely not traditional Korean method and that is why it was a TV show material. Some people tried it and posted what they experimented. Yes, Jamsu technique makes very interesting social media posts BUT it does not mean this is a hidden Korean beauty secret. In fact, I have never heard about it until I see the articles and postings popping up everywhere.

I cannot help noticing how much media are talking about it! Popsugar, Allure, and even Vogue???

What do Koreans say?

In Korea, there is even an article about this faux Korean trend. The title of the article is Proving SNS beauty rumors and subtitled online beauty rumours, is it okay to follow. I personally do not think they would write this article if this is such a common method in Korea. In this article, a Korean beauty editor and a beauty expert talked about the real result of Jamsu Technique.

You can read original full Korean article here

The beauty editor said
“It was hard to do perfect skin expression after Jamsu. Makeup was slightly erased and powder became clumpy. Usually my makeup starts getting messy in the afternoon but after Jamsu, my skin felt mat for a longer period. However, the makeup was too matte, my skin felt dry and uncomfortable.”

Experts advice was
“Powder and water have opposite nature so powder is applied on your face stronger after Jamsu. Therefore, you do not have to Jamsu, you can use the same effect with water soaked puff or applying generous amount of mist on your face then wipe off with tissue.”

Korean search engine Naver has an amazing Q&A section. It is like Quora or Reddit, people ask questions freely about any subject and anybody can answer. I do not think this has any expert authority but it shows funny aspects of this trend. Read the full Korean page here

Dated in 2016 August (that is the time Get It Beauty aired Jamsu)

Q: I am planning to try Jamsu technique because I have very oily skin. Do I have to use powder after my base? If I dont use powder, it doesn’t work?
A: You should understand your makeup will be erased slightly when you do Jamsu. You can use an oily skin type foundation that is a powdery product. You can apply foundation then powder but you do not necessarily need to use powder. Powder will help your makeup staying on. But in the end it is only water.
Q: original questioner: I tried and realized I cannot hold my breath for 30 seconds. It was fun once, thank you for the information.


Jamsu is not a traditional Korean method but if you have very oily skin especially during summer time, it might help you. Also, some people say that you might get matte skin but your pores will be revealed more realistically (oh no!). However, you do not need to plunge your face under water and hold your breath for 30 seconds. Let’s use more sensible method as the beauty expert suggested : the water soaked puff or mist method.

A tiny opinion of mine

I was born and grew up in Korea – so I lived there over 20 years – so I am aware what Korean women use traditionally or not. When I hear funky stories, I reach out to MiniB Beauty’s Korean beauty experts to confirm and I also research on my own in both Korean and English.

I know Korean makeup & skin care is very popular all over the world and it is only becoming more popular. In fact, Korean products have high quality with a reasonable price level. I believe a lot of hoax tips are on internet partially because

1. Lack of understanding of what Korean women actually do. I mean, it is hard to see what Korean really do at home if you are not born and grew up in Korea.
2. Cheap tricks to get more attention for Korean cosmetics so the cosmetic industry can sell more. This is also done without full understanding of Korean cosmetic culture from foreign companies or this is done without full understanding of foreign K-Beauty fans from Korea.

I will keep you updated with more true stories that reflect both sides – Korean side and non Korean side – for you guys. Thanks!

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