HKTDC's seminar about E-commerce (16/05/2018)

The HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) is the biggest orgaism which makes fairs through the world for companies who want to develepp themselves through the Hong Kong's global presence. The HKTDC organism is present in many countries, have 752 000 buyers who come from 199 countries.

Yesteray, the 16/05/2018 , the HKTDC organism gave a seminar to the hotel riviera, about the E-commerce, and the O2O selling. The O2O selling is a way to attract the customers from the company website to the physical shop (online to offline), and the goal is the keep the customer in view and to not loose him.


Moreover, the subject of the conversation was turned on the importance of the selling by apps, because many customers who buy online do this from a mobile phone. By 2020, B2B purchasing researches on mobile are expected to increase for 70%.


The speaker said too that in the HKTDC fairs, organisators had created a space called "small Orders" in which one the MOQ (minimum quantity order) are about just 5 items, and the shipping cost are free.


By Ewen Cassiaux

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