Smart Innovative Hong Kong Seminar 2018.07.12

July 13, 2018
Smart Innovative Hong Kong Seminar 2018.07.12
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by Gerard Kim July 13, 2018


The seminar was conducted in Lotte Hotel 3rd floor (Safire room), Seoul and it was organized by Invest Hong Kong, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.



It was a 2-hour speech from 4 speakers from Hong Kong and Korea. Both Korean and English language was provided for the audience and about 200 people attended the seminar.



The main topics of interest were:

1) History and current economic status of Hong Kong

2) Business potential in Hong Kong; how to enter Hong Kong market

3) "Smart Innovative Hong Kong" - entering Chinese market through Hong Kong

4) Technological development (4th industrial revolution) in Hong Kong

5) Financial aspects of business in Hong Kong

The seminar not only provided good lectures but also great lunch for attendants and participants to exchange and interchange. It was a great opportunity for people to learn about Hong Kong business market and what to expect / prepare for entering Hong Kong market.

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