The Korean facial cosmetics in France and the Korean image force.

May 10, 2018
On this image we can see some Korean facial cosmetics, from the brand "TONYMOLY", on one of the biggest French cosmetics market place : "Sephora".
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In France, the cosmetics are a very important activity area. With big brands like "L'Oréal", "Channel" and "Dior", the cosmetics area represents more than 9 billions EUR (approximately 11 000 billion wons) in 2016. And South Korea has already made her place on the French market. Indeed, France imported more than 27 900 000 USD of Korean facial cosmetics in 2016, and this number is growing each year : this success is due to the Korean beauty image, highlighted by the Hallyu wave, and very efficient cosmetics for a lower price than the big French brands.

France just represent 1% of the face cosmetics in the South Korean exportation, but the importation have growth for 78% between 2012 and 2016. It can represent a really great opportunity for the Korean companies which plan to export facial cosmetics in France.

 by Ewen Cassiaux

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