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Dr. Blue 3-Step R Solutions

Dr. Blue 3-Step R Solutions

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Separated 3 Step, Delivers Fast Effect
3-steps care system composed of concentrated ampoule, mask sheet and
cream allows convenient skin care wherever you are. Excellent product quality
and professional ingredient scheme increases the skin condition and satisfies
skin needs to create moisturized and elastic skin.

Step 1 Highly-Concentrated Revitalizing Ampoule : Adjusts collapsed PH balance, and effectively care for sensitive skin to develop vivid skin.
Step 2 Multi-Function Mask Sheet (Wrinkle Improvement & Whitening) : Microfiber mask sheet contains 30g of whitening and wrinkle improving ampules to supply energy, moisture and nutrition while emitting skin wastes. Cares for dull, crumbly and loose skin to develop clear and elastic skin.
Step 3 Nutrition and Moisturizing Revitalizing Cream : Revitalizing cream consistently maintains moisture and nutrition to the skin and develops skin walls to protect the outer skin for 24 hours, and sustains steady skin elasticity. Sufficient amount of nutrition develops smooth skin line and moisturized and clear skin tones.


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