FDA, Skin N Bio Cellulose Mask 15.0cm*18.0cm 28g

FDA, Skin N Bio Cellulose Mask 15.0cm*18.0cm 28g

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CPNP, FDA, CFDA Certified

1. The bio-cellulose mask consists of the natural new material bio-cellulose sheet developed with fermented coconut, resulting from microorganism activity. Unlike mask products with felt or gel sheets, the bio-cellulose mask consists of meticulous 3D mesh structure for excellent adhesion and airtight properties. Such features reduce the loss of essence and maximize skin absorption.

2. Natural cellulose developed through microorganism culture of coconut materials is harmless to the human body and does not irritate skin. Its silky soft texture is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

3. Daily activities can be performed while wearing the mask due to its outstanding adhesive power.

4. It has pore tightening, lifting, sebum eliminating, wrinkles diminishing, and whitening effects.