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Anti Hangover Drink Morning 7  10 bottle / 1Box

Anti Hangover Drink Morning 7 10 bottle / 1Box

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Morning 7  Volume: 100ml
Type: Mixed beverage
Main Ingredient: Mixed condensed liquid
(Quince, Reed root, Grape seed, Rice bran, Acanthopanax, Cherry)

Product Feature
Hangover release beverage, made by Genome & Medicine’s unique technology. (Patent No. 0500609).
This product contains the composition for hangover(patent applied), developed with the help of professors of Pharmacology of Chung-Ang University. Produced by scientific and systematic research and serious raw material selection, it is confirmed that ‘natural plants concentration’ has the function of decreasing alcohol absorption and promoting alcohol decomposition.

Using 100% vegetal natural raw material
This is a safe hangover beverage that only mixed with the extraction of plants like quince, reed roots, grape seed, rice bran, acanthopanax and cherry. Take it before and after drinking and you will feel totally comfortable.

A good alcohol quencher if you mix it into alcohol drinks
By mixing it into alcohol, it can not only get rid of getting hangover but also release the bitter taste of alcohol and much softer when swallow.

(Registration No. 10-0500609)
Blood alcohol level of inhibitory effect
A headache caused a hangover, Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort