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SKINMISO Peel & Fill 2 Step Mask Pack

SKINMISO Peel & Fill 2 Step Mask Pack

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Peel & Fill 2 Step Mask Pack

Pore texture care Mask pack : take care of your pores clean and tight.

STEP 1 Using the peeling pad, remove remaining bodily waste and dead skin cells

STEP 2 Using the mask pack, supply moisture and take care of pore texture simultaneously


Various types of extracts including Manuka honey

Peeling pad that contains White Willow bark extract softly removes bodily waste

and keep the pores clean and tight



1. After face-washing, softly wash off with the peeling pad from STEP 1 from inner to outer part of the skin.

2. Take out the sheet mask from STEP 2 and attach closely onto the facial skin.

3. After 10 - 20 minutes, remove the mask and saturate remaining essence by gently tapping on skin.

More effective skin care is possible when you use the product daily, gently removing dead skin and smoothing pore texture.

Manuka honey extract supplies moisture green tea and Witch Hazel extract soothe the skin, making it smooth and soft.

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