The Global Accelerators Conference & Demoday

May 25, 2018
Global Accelerators Conference & Demoday
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On 23rd and 24th of May, the Global Accelerators Conference & Demoday took place at the COEX, at samseong station, Seoul. The subject was about the help that accelerators and incubators can give to the startups to launch their activity in the different countries' markets.

The first day (23 rd of May), the main topic was the accelerators and incubators to launch startups in the European (UK, France, North European Countries) and American market. Speakers came from private companies, or government and showed why their own country market are interesting, why it can be a big advantage for Korean startups to use incubators or accelerators in those markets (because the cultural, laws & language differences), and why the Korean companies get some different advantages compared than the European ones.

The second day, the conference was focused on the Asian markets such as Korea, Japan, Hong Kong & China ones. There were people who came from government and companies too, and explained too the advantages of their organisation to throw startups on new markets, like in China with the people how came from Hong Kong because Hong Kong is the door for the Chinese market, closed to foreign companies. They explained how their companies work, and shown examples of startups which became unicorns to demonstrate that they are very efficient and that the successful rate of their programs are very high.



By Ewen Cassiaux

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