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Gift of Nature made from Argan Oil

 OG d'orosee Argan Essence
100% organic argan diluted concentrate

Eating nature and spreading nature
- This is the promise olive gallery pursue -

OliveGallery, as company that develops indigenous products from Spain and makes into the best products,
was founded in Oct.1, 2010 in Toledo, Spain.
OliveGallery, consists of OG food which produces high quality extra virgin olive oil and spanish season long
balsamic vinegar, and OG cosmetics which produces skincare products with olive oil and argan oil as main ingeredients, and shows steady growth every year.

We sell genuine products that are handled from OliveGallery Korean representative.
Please purchase at your ease.

Argan Oil is…
It is oil extracted from fruits of Argan tree(Argania spinosa) only observed in southern Morocco.
UNESCO registered this endangered Argan tree onto the world nature heritage list.
Argan Oil is oil abundant of nutrition that makes skin moist with high moisturizing ability.
It contains vitamin E twice as much as olive oil does, which restrains water evaporation of baby skin.

The gift of Nature, Argan Oil
OG d'orosee Argan Essence

ECOCERT Certificate
ECOCERT is the most selective international certificate authority, headquartered in France.
OG d'orosee is highly trustable in such that it is produced by organic method of cultivation and facilities selected by ECOCERT.
D'orosee is premium organ oil that has acquired level 3 ECOCERT Certification Mark.

d'orosee doesn’t smell.
Different from existing cosmetic argan oil, d'orosee doesn't smell.
The process of eliminating smell is hydrogen peroxide elimination process.
Since hydrogen peroxide is a decisive factor that corrupts oil, argan oil that is not properly passed through elimination process
can be neither high quality cosmetic oil, nor conserved as perfect condition during designated expiration time period.
Diluted concentrate manufactured based on ECOCERT process is moved to LABORATORY in Netherland with a purpose
of hydrogen peroxide.

d'orosee is pure cosmetic argan oil.
Hydrogen peroxide eliminated d'orosee goes thorugh filtering once again.
It is a step that makes the best condition of cleanness and pureness as cosmetic argan oil,
and according to this process degree of skin absorption and glittering gets distinguished.
With all the solid particles eliminated perfectly, d'orosee gets completed as the argan oil with the high cleanness and fast absorption.

Sterol only contained in Argan oil is hard to find in other vegetable oil and very good for scalp and hair health with abundant

Argan oil forming water protection barrier maintaining moist skin is good for skin protection.

d'orosee totally free of chemical compounds and additives is applicable for all types of skin, especially for dry skin.

How to use d'orosee argan oil
- After skincare, use one or two drops of argan oil instead of essence, slowly starting from eye surroundings to the whole face
so that it can form water barrier, and thus maintain moist skin.
- It can be more easily used if basic makeup is performed mixed with foundation or BB cream,
also enabling better formation of make-up and watery skin expression
- After shampoo, put some on the palm before hair gets dried, then spread evenly over the hair enabling
hydration and protecting from any damage (apply before using a hair dryer)