An ultrasound repellent made in Korea Ultra 10 | Grasshopper repeller using ultrasonic sound

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An ultrasound repellent made in Korea Ultra 10 (ULTRA 10)
Grasshopper repeller using ultrasonic sound

Brief Introduction
1. Automatic change of ultrasound frequencies – preventing learning effect
2. Motion sensor distance: 100m radius - effective repelling within a 100m radius
3. Remote control using a smartphone.

Suppose the car horn blares 24/7. Can you bear it?
The Ultra 10 Ultrasound Repellent can ward off pests by sending out strong ultrasound you cannot hear 24/7.
Please check if your repellent is a powerful external ultrasound speaker that can control the ultrasound intensity as the Ultra 10 does

Ultrapowerful Ultrasound repellent
• Dimensions: 80 X 110 X 70mm
• Effective radius: 50M 이상
• Input power: AC 220V (A 9V battery or 12V car battery will also work)
• Powerful ultrasound speaker
• A switch for ultrasound intensity control

How to connect a power supply
• Plug in to an AC 220V socket.
• A 9V battery or car battery will also work.
• The LED turns on when the device works normally.

How to change ultrasound frequencies
• Turn the frequency change switch clockwise to user higher frequencies Turn the frequency change switch counterclockwise to use lower frequencies
• Press the volume switch to check the volume level.

Is it harmless to the human body?
• The hearing frequency range of a person is about 20 to 20,000Hz
• The Ultra 10 uses ultrasound bands of 22,000Hz or higher, which are effective for warding off pests.
• Which means the Ultra10 is completely harmless to the human body.

Is it powerful?
• The powerful ultrasound from the Ultra 10 is audible to pests only, hence repellent to them.

The Ultra 10 is a reliable choice
Pests crawling around in your house. Will you just let them ride?
Pests are a threat to your family’s health and carry many diseases.

The Ultra 10 is
the perfect solution against flies, mosquitoes, and pests!

Why choose the Ultra 10?
• Powerful external ultrasound speaker!
• Speaker with ultrasound intensity control!

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