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ARTE&H Easy Pants Female Underwear
ARTE&H Easy Pants Female Underwear

ARTE&H Easy Pants Female Underwear

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Cool in summer, warm in winter. We use tencel material because of its soft feel, making it less irritating and therefore suitable for people with rhinitis, and mild atopic and allergic skin. It is also very breathable, sweat-absorbing, quick-drying, insulating, bacterial growth inhibiting, durable, and it has a minimal static charge.

1. Composition or mixing ratio of fibers: 94% tencel, 6% polyurethane,

2. Manufacturer's name: ARTE-H

3. Country of manufacture: Korea

4. Date of manufacture: July 2018

5. Sizes: S, M, L

6. Handling Precautions

  (1) Hand wash with neutral detergent and cold water.

  (2) Wash alone or with similar colors.

  (3) Do not use chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach when washing.

  (4) Do not soak or leave in water.

  (5) Do not tumble dry on high temperature because heat can damage the material.

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1. Do the sizes run true?

Each size is larger than usual, so you can choose your usual size. Even if you choose one size higher, it is not uncomfortable to wear.


2. Will Easy-Pants make me feel hot?

The soft tencel fabric leaves your skin feeling cool and dry. It absorbs moisture from your skin, which assists in your body’s natural temperature regulation.


3. Can pregnant women wear these?

Although we made a lot of sizes, we recommend that you choose a larger size if possible or do not wear during pregnancy. It may be uncomfortable depending on the individual and the stage of pregnancy. We are considering the production of products specifically for pregnant women in the future.


4. Will Easy-Pants roll while wearing?

The use of tencel fabric, which is about 3 times softer than cotton, significantly reduces curling and minimizes discomfort.


5. How should I wash these?

We recommend you handwash in lukewarm water (around 30ºC) using neutral detergent. It is best to let them naturally dry after. If you are using a washer or dryer, avoid high temperatures.