SEMO BOWL Baby Bowls - Set of 3
SEMO BOWL Baby Bowls - Set of 3
SEMO BOWL Baby Bowls - Set of 3

SEMO BOWL Baby Bowls - Set of 3

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  • Size : 84 x 78 x 62 mm
  • Bowl : 107g
  • Set Weight : 380g
  • Made in South Korea

It is a tableware that protects foods such as baby foods and snacks from food poisoning of children with weak immunity using traditional Korean materials.
Frozen, refrigerated, microwave, hot water can be used, as well as baby foods, side dishes, and can be used in a variety of spice containers

Sterilization of harmful bacteria
It is the most powerful of the food poisoning bacteria that sterilize the germs of corruptible food, 0-157 bacteria "was killed after 24 hours (bactericidal effect of various pathogens)

Beneficial minerals
Organic, fragrant, and stainless steel extracts were found to have beneficial minerals in human body. (Experiment: Kyung Hee University Global Environment Research Institute)

Prevention of harmful substances
After putting sesame leaves with pesticide on them, it was discolored only in organic matter. When organic chemicals or harmful foreign substances are encountered, the organic matter decolorizes.

Non-toxic pollution
It is a non-toxic, non-polluting metal that has no harmful effect on human body even if high heat is applied.

Cold and warm effect
Organic keeps food temperature constant.

Deodorizing effect
Eliminates the smell of old food