Nemadocter Biopesticide product for nematode control 1L Light brown microbial cultures | Type and content of raw materials : 100% microbial extract

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Biopesticide  product for nematode control 1L  Light brown microbial cultures

In namatodes, the GABA receptor sodium channel exists in dependently, and this channel is called EXP-1.
The neurotransmitter that activates the nematode in this product induces death through the selective action of the muscular nervous system on the nematode, but is harmless to humans and livestock.
It shows a reaction mechanism similar to that of pesticides, but in terms of providing eco-friendliness, it is free to use in terms of persistence, use time, and place.
The neurotransmitter of this product blinds to the nematodes muscle nervous system and promotes muscle relaxation, suppressing the nematodes movement and killing it.
In addition, it can ba expected to have an inhibitory effect on generation proliferation by inducing the spawning of immature eggs by relexing the anal muscles.
The product is used as a soil drench by diluting 500times, and it is recommended to repeat the treatment within 3 months considering the nematodes plant entry cycle.
As a result of the official test analysis, it provides a root-knot nematode control value of at least 52.9-maximum of 66.5% when drenching the soil by 500time diluent.

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