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ULV TH112 Mini Fogging Machine
ULV TH112 Mini Fogging Machine

ULV TH112 Mini Fogging Machine

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Portable mosquito killer, high power fogger machine
Fogger Machine  TH112( Spray in ULV type / Mist type)

Made in Korea. 

Anti-noise, light weight, mobility, maintenance cost

  • The Coil is less clogging
  •  No corrosion of pump.
  •  The chemical effect is better
  •  Expanding the range of the use.
  •  Securing the sight. 

Mini Fogging Machine
The mini fogger is the best multipurse internal aerosol fog and spraying generation devise in which flame projecting is possible. It can dispense a sterilizing for which can be used to fumigate all kinds of harmful insexts such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches in areas such as warehouses, parks, cattle barns, pighouses, roads, apartment complex, factories, campgrounds & etc.


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