LEOLAB Hydro Cooling Wrist Band
LEOLAB Hydro Cooling Wrist Band

LEOLAB Hydro Cooling Wrist Band

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Sciences and Art
LeoLab’s Hydro Cooling Bands’ are made of a non-bonding material moisture control system. This system, combined with the body’s natural evaporative latent heat effect, keeps your body cool and adds individuality and style to your outdoor activities.

Green Innovation
The breathable material uses the natural principle of moisture evaporation and heat absorption to lower the body’s ambient temperature. Cooling bands eliminate sweat and give the skin a refreshing feeling, until the end of the exercise.

Perfection Mode
The bands are made of Kolon ATB-UV+, to protect your skin from UV rays and ensure durability. The non-woven embossed fabric perfectly absorbs sweat and also relieves skin discomfort caused by moisture.

Breathable Material
The material expands when water is absorbed, then returns to its normal condition when it evaporates. The cooling effect of sweat evaporation and air flowing through the material lowers the body temperatures.

LeoLab Hydro Cooling Bands are best when used together. If you are worried about intense outdoor activities during the summer, wear the Cooling Neck Band and Cooling Wrist Band together. You can feel coolness until you finish your workouts.

• Wash before use
• Soak for 2-3 minutes before washing, then gently hand wash with neutral detergent
• Air dry in shade after washing to avoid mould developing
• Let water absorb for 10 minutes before use for best results
• Don’t squeeze to dry after use
• Do not dry clean, acid wash, machine wash or tumble dry