Smart Heater (Play)
Smart Heater (Play)
Smart Heater (Play)

Smart Heater (Play)

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Smart Heater (Play)

Our product does not use heating wires, it is made from printed heating elements.

Smart Heaters are manufactured with the technology of printed electronics. Our products use currents that are converted into heat energy. Materials such as Silver Nano, conductive ink, PI, and PET film are used to print our desired shapes and patterns. Our heating device is able to utilize its heating elements to generate heat at your desired temperature. Unlike wire wound heating pads, our device generates heat directly on the pad. This eliminates the danger of electromagnetic waves and possible fires. With innovative manufacturing, our device is energy efficient, with up to 10% of power consumption being reduced compared to the wire wound heating pads.

1mm thickness

Using the most advanced printed electronic technology allows us to create the device being only 1mm in thickness, creating a surprisingly thin and light portable heater.

28g weight

The product is approximately the size of the palm of your hand, making it easy to carry and the perfect size to put in your pocket.

50℃ temperature

Consuming an energy supply of only 3.5 watts, the device can heat up to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

Printed heating element technology

Our product does not undergo any chemical manufacturing processes, and with ultra-thin print on the films, the device is light and portable.