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DANA-A Skin Care Device (CE, KFDA Certified)
DANA-A Skin Care Device (CE, KFDA Certified)
DANA-A Skin Care Device (CE, KFDA Certified)
DANA-A Skin Care Device (CE, KFDA Certified)
DANA-A Skin Care Device (CE, KFDA Certified)

DANA-A Skin Care Device (CE, KFDA Certified)

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DANA A-Skin Care device for acne

Product description
DANA-A  is skin care device for acne, which uses a patented technology for eliminating acne
causing source by heat and blue light by microprocessor. The heat and blue light which is similarly natural therapy methode make lessen the acne.
DANA A is the newest and most innovative acne treatment device on the market. Anyone who has had professional acne treatments know that blue ray and far-infra red ray through ceramic tip is the newest technology for acne treatment. Our DANA-A use the 470nm blue ray to optimistic both treatment time and safety. Now you can treat acne irritating insect bites in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

1. Press power button>Blue LED blinks and the device is set to warm-up status.
2. Wait 1min, warm-up finishes and the blue light turn on at the treatment tip.
3.Press the poer button one more time,the treatment tip blinks and starts operating.
4.Touch the acne with the treatment tip blinks and starts operating.
5.When the treatment is finished,the light on the treatment tip turns off with a buzzer sound.
6. If you want to treat other acne areas, just repeat the above steps.

Benefits of DANA-A
-Quick and efficient acne treatment(only 2min 30s)
-Visible results in the less than 24hours
(varies from person to person)
-Newest and best acne treatment technology.
-Treats insect bite such as mosquito bite
-Certified by CE, KFDA
-Patented technology.
-Made in South Korea.

Contents of one package:1 DANA A,1 USB recharge cable.
Packing:200pcs/CNT(50pcs inner box)
Minimum order quantity :500pcs
Production time: 30days

The DANA-A skin care device for acne in a way which previously was only available in skin care clinics equipped with expensive blue ray and heat treatment technology. Now anyone can treat acne at home, without the need to go to expensive skin care clinics.Recharge in 1hour by connecting to a computer or just like I-Phone Charger using the USB recharging jack

Technical specification:
Power Source: Lithium Polymer Battery:3.7V/250mA
Charging time:60min
Usage time:2min 30sec
Charging rate:5V/300mA
temperature for storage: -20°C~60°C
Humidity for storage:20% to 90%
Electrical insulation grade: Class II/BF
Transportation atmosphere:700hPa~1060hPa

Treatment Tip:Alumina(Ceramic)
Battery:Li-Polymer 250mA/3.7V