VINCENT COAL Professional Manual Tattoo Pen - Ash Brown

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VINCENT COAL artistic creature

Product Specifications
VOLUME : 3.5g
SIZE (mm) : 15×15×112
Ootions - 2 Colors (Deep brown, Ash brown)

Product Features
Macapen-type eyebrow makeup product that lasts for a week
waterproof – Up to 7 days without being wiped off
Anti blurring– It does not get rubbed nor spread on friction
High pigmented – Coloring your eyebrow and skin
Coloring - Fast and stable coloring
Simplicity - Apply before sleep. Washing in the morning will stabilize the color.

How to use
Apply to no greasy eyebrows before sleep
Washing in the morning will stabilize the color.
Apply to no greasy eyebrows before sleep.
Contact the water in the morning for complete pigmenting and coloring,
It lasts up to one week after first use.
If you want to keep a thick eyebrow, you can retouch every 2 to 3 days.

1. Keep the time required for coloring.
- For stable and beautiful color, please be sure to keep the staining time. It is important to stabilize the coloring time in order to express the original color.
- After 2 to 3 hours, it will be waterproof and not discolored, but it is not enough time that stable to develop a beautiful color.
- We recommend using regular use at night for proper color development and contact with water in the morning.

2. Use it on the eyebrows directly.
- Do not shake it
In case of applying basic cosmetics on your eyebrows, Tattoo pen may not draw well due to the oil film on the skin and eyebrows. Therefore, you should apply directly to the skin. In some cases, skin oil may be on the tip of tattoo pen. In this case, moisten the cotton swab with water or sterilized alcohol slightly and wipe it off.

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